Rescued from Slavery

The older gentleman was shuffling about, looking tired and frantic. His eyes were desperately darting around the parking lot, and it was obvious he had lost something important. I approached him and asked if I could help, and he readily accepted my offer. He had lost his cane, which he evidently had laid aside while he rested his weight on his shopping cart. When we finally spotted his cane in his then-deserted buggy, his eyes filled with joy and his voice was brimming with relief.
I have experienced that same desperate feeling a few times myself. Once I was lost in the middle of nowhere on unmarked country roads after dark. Another time I left my pocketbook at the mall. One time I was late for an important meeting and couldn’t get the garage door to open. However, I have never known the depths of desperation that one widow felt when she knew her sons were about to be sold into slavery.

Take time today to read 2 Kings 4:1-7. What an amazing story of God’s love!  The woman featured is unnamed, but we can feel her pain as it jumps off the pages of Scripture. Her story becomes ours as we think about the many times we are faced with an impossible situation and we’re powerless to solve the issue. Just as God met her need and protected her sons, He can do the same for you.

But what about the desperate widows of the world who have not heard about God’s love to call out to Him? What about the young girls who are not rescued and who are sold into slavery or forced to beg on the streets? Please watch this video clip. God is calling me to get involved. If God stirs your heart, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s take good news to a dying world.