Chatting with the Legends

If you could have a conversation with any person from the Bible other than Jesus, who would it be? What would you ask that person, and why? I can’t wait to give you my answer, but first I want to hear your response!


White Walls

Sometimes it just happens. I turn my face to the Lord for a fresh word, an insight, a niggle of inspiration, and I find myself staring at white walls. What happened? What did I do, and how can I undo it? I want God to paint a beautiful landscape to fill up the spiritual blank space, but sometimes what’s in view is blinding whiteness. White walls.
During a recent “white wall” experience, I thought, Could this be how the disciples felt after Jesus departed into heaven? After Jesus’ resurrection, He spent time with the disciples and then ascended to the Father after 40 days. What now? Jesus told them to wait. Perhaps as they waited, they prayed over and over, “What now, Lord?” They didn’t know what God was preparing for their future; the days ahead were white walls, a blank canvas. But then it happened. On the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came down, and these men who were privileged to walk with Jesus were now so filled with the movement of God in their lives, they could scarcely keep pace!
What can you do when you stare at white walls, waiting on God to speak? You can put yourself in a position of preparation. You can pray and wait with expectation, relishing this sweet reminder that you’re fully dependent upon God at all times. You can thank the Lord, because you know He’s working in unseen ways, and grin with delight because you believe He’s renewing your strength as you wait on Him (Isa. 40:31). You learn to appreciate white.

How has God strengthened you during those times of waiting in faith? What have you learned from “white wall” seasons of life?