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Listen as Kimberly Sowell defines why evangelism is compassion in action. She also addresses preparation for witnessing and provides biblical encouragement for those who may be fearful.

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Don’t Dig in My Salad

Let’s do lunch! Let’s say we go to your favorite restaurant. Let’s say you order your favorite thing on the menu – my treat! Let’s say your meal comes with a salad. Yummy! But yikes, my order didn’t. No worries for me; I stick my fork in your salad and pull up a big bite dripping in dressing. And ooh! Was that a crouton I saw drowning in Ranch? Let me just dig around a little bit with my fork and see if I can’t fish out that crouton…

Go ahead and say it, Sister: “Don’t dig in my salad!” This fun little phrase is actually an expression common in South Africa, which means, “Stay out of my business.” What a fitting picture; who wants someone poking around in her food? And of course, we don’t want someone poking around in our business, either. But does our preference match God’s mandates? Does God encourage us to open our lives to wise, godly friends? Are we to share our salad?

Question: Is there someone in your life whom you’ve invited to dig in your salad, holding you accountable? What benefit has this relationship brought to your walk with Christ?

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