Love Changes Everything

I’m in love with my husband, have been for 19 years now, and even after all this time I have moments of giddy euphoria when I’m stricken by just how much I love that big lug. But what really takes my breath away are those times when I get caught up in a flood, overwhelmed with the realization that my husband really, really loves me. Just knowing that he loves me changes everything.
I learned a long time ago that God loves people. I walk through each day knowing that God loves me, but recently as I was reading the Scripture, I took pause at these words: And we have known and believed the love that God has for us (1 John 4:16). I have known that God loves me, but do I live like I believe that God loves me? Seems like a subtle difference, really, but no, there’s a profound difference between knowing and believing. And what is the tipping point that ushers me from the realm of knowing God’s love into the glorious belief that He loves me? It’s not Him; it’s me.
We humans take extra effort to show love to others, and those are the kinds of moments when my husband makes my heart sing. But God – when is He ever not showing His love to me? His love is constant, it is always amazing, it never fails, it is steady and strong, it is specific, and it is personal. Everything He does and even all of who He is puts His love on grand display. He loves me. He loves you. So why don’t we always live like we are believers? Because we’re not paying attention. Because we’re not aware of His presence, for His very presence ushers in the fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11).
Pay attention to God’s love today. Let Him wow you, reassure you, settle you –whatever you need today, God is ready to provide it, wrapped in ribbons of love.