Walk the Path

Surely I’m not the only person in the world who has terrible, panic-filled dreams about bad guys chasing me. I’ve tangled with such motley characters as villains from movies, relatives gone bad, and even members of a rock band pursuing me in vivid nightmares, and my body always refuses to help me get away. In these dreams, I grasp at my neck in desperation, but no sound comes from my mouth to let me cry for help. All of my will is set on escape, but my legs refuse to obey. The feelings of helplessness are overwhelming, and I wake up feeling terrified.

What are you running from these days? Maybe giant slabs of chocolate cake are chasing you in your dreams, or perhaps you’re experiencing the reality of a nightmarish chase in real life. The prophet Jonah was also on the run, but the One pursuing him was the One who loved Jonah and had a great plan for his life. Jonah was running from the will of God. Jonah was fully aware of the Great I AM, but he underestimated the length of God’s arms. Who can escape the presence of God? Who can hide his sin, or cause God to lose sight of him? The Psalmist wrote, “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence” (Psalm 139:7)? The Psalmist knew God’s eyes see and His arms extend into infinity.

Look carefully at your daily pursuits. Are you running toward God or away from God? Are you seeking His will or trying to ignore His will? Maybe your greatest frustration is stemming from a sidestep you’ve taken along the way that took you out of God’s will. Take time to thank God – thank Him and praise Him – that He is inescapable, He is all-knowing, and He is the One who pursues you even when you’re running the wrong way. Ask God to set you in the direction of His will, then walk the path.
Taken from Major Truths from the Minor Prophets: Power, Freedom, and Hope for Women by Edna Ellison, Kimberly Sowell, and Tricia Scribner