Seasons of Life (Gain or Lose)

Confession: I HATE losing. It doesn’t matter if it’s me who played and lost, or my children, or my college team, because I’m going to feel a surge of rage rise up in me. Farkle, football, or Trivial Pursuit. I realize that’s ridiculous, especially when it’s a college ballgame and I’m not even on the field, but when my team loses, it bugs me that someone came out better than me. You know what that is? It’s selfish. And if I don’t reign in my temper and keep my mouth shut, it’s also ugly.

In verse 6, God reminds us that we’ll have seasons of gain and seasons of loss. Sometimes we gain ground, sometimes we lose ground. Sometimes we thrive, sometimes we struggle. Sometimes we come out on top, while sometimes we’re going to come up short. That means that God allows us to lose. Wow. And sometimes it’s not a loss on a playing field, but in our kids’ school, or in the pew, or in the political arena. God does everything with purpose. The next time you lose, go to God and ask Him to let you learn the full lesson and glean the entire purpose of the loss He has allowed in your life.


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