Brushing Up Against the Master

She was broke, diseased, and shunned by society. She was perpetually unclean through no fault of her own – a blood issue that no man could cure. She heard of Jesus and knew He was the One, her one and only hope. The crowd was pressing the Master on all sides, but she managed the strength and courage to break through the throngs to touch the hem of his garment, and Jesus’ power flowed to her. Instantly she was healed.

“Who touched Me?” the Master asked. Oh, He knew, but His question was an invitation for a dejected woman to testify of the power of God in her life. But Peter didn’t catch what was happening. Peter pointed out to Jesus that many people were physically coming in contact with Him as the masses pressed against Jesus as their center of attention, yet Jesus wanted to know, who touched Him? Imagine that. Was it 9, 15, maybe 24 people who had physical contact with Jesus as they traveled down the road? Yet only one of those persons was healed. The rest of the crowd was brushing up against the Master, but only one reached out to Him in faith (Luke 8:40-48).

If we’re only making casual contact with Jesus every day, we won’t experience His power flowing to us because we’re merely brushing up against Him, not reaching out to Him. Take your need to Jesus today. Reach out to Him in faith.


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